Fragglestorm™ Use Case: Healthcare Services

Today, in COVID-19 era, healthcare industry is facing much bigger cybersecurity challenges than ever. Hackers around the world take advantage of the current situation for cyber espionage. It’s time to increase cyber-hygiene and online safety even more than before.

Healthcare providers and related services have a unique requirement for security of data placed upon them by The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) laws and rules.

HIPPA requires a stringent adherence to the protection of data about patients. This includes assuring the data is not otherwise destroyed and is always available for healthcare professionals to reference and access in the performance of their responsibilities. This set of requirements and implementations often cause issues with ease of access between medical facilities, both external and internal, as well as the patient being able to access their own records from a single point.

Today, in COVID-19 era, healthcare industry is facing much bigger cybersecurity challenges than ever. Hackers around the world take advantage of the current situation for cyber espionage. It’s time to increase cyber-hygiene and online safety even more than before.

Fragglestorm can aid in providing secure management of access to patient records and other medical data. It assures its availability and resiliency even after a ransomware attack. Recent revelations that hackers have bypassed even two factor authentication (2FA) methods demonstrate the need to seek out the best security solutions to prevent theft of data and the tremendous costs (fines, records loss, etc.) associated with data breaches and ransomware. According to the report, healthcare breaches cost organizations $6.45 million per breach or an average of $429 per record.

Fragglestorm provides several core functions that address the needs of those faced with providing services in the Healthcare field:

 Data is always secured by use of:

o Encryption

o Smart Data Fragmentation™


Data is kept highly available by replication

Loss of access to a given storage location is transparently handled with no user or IT intervention 

Data is resilient by versioning

o Ransomware attacks - Once the ransomware has been contained, a Fragglestorm utility can identify attacked files and automatically revert the last ‘good’ copy in place

o This function allows rapid recovery from ransomware infections


Managed Data Distribution for supporting data transition to multiple cloud services

o Fragglestorm can actively aid in management of storage in hybrid multicloud storage environments

o Data according to specified filters, and parameters can be distributed across cloud, and local storage to specification


Interfaces with everything

o The main interface is presented as a letter-drive, such as a C:\, in Microsoft Windows

 o Allows any activity or process to be performed in a secure manner


 Data Sharing

o Fragglestorm provides for data sharing and access to multiple users

o Several users can be defined for every defined drive

o Select folders and files can be shared securely via methods similar to Google Drive, Dropbox, and etc.



o Fragglestorm was designed with performance as a primary requirement, the user sees no change in speed

o Utilization of low level operating system components provides the highest level of security possible

o Fragglestorm provides the user the same performance experience by utilizing low level operating system methods


Fragglestorm can be easily adopted to work with existing medical record systems to further armor the system against hackers and other issues that would prevent the required access to the medical records.

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