Meet Fragglestorm™ - a breakthrough cybersecurity solution for protecting data no matter where is it located!

Cybervore, Inc. is proud to introduce our revolutionary new cybersecurity software, which reinforces any perimeter and encryption tools and maximizes data protection even if it is stolen, locked up, or erased.

Fragglestorm is based on a patented ground-breaking technology called Smart Data Fragmentation™, which can be used by anyone: individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, enterprises.Fragglestorm - new data protection software

First, Fragglestorm encrypts your data and only ‘you’ hold the keys to unlock it.  Second, the data is “shredded” or “fraggled” into multiple pieces and wrapped in technology called Smart Fragments™.  These fragments are then smartly stored on any possible storage area designated by you (single or multiple): PC/laptops, storage devices, server environments, and Cloud services.  Only an authorized user can access and read this data: unauthorized users will only see useless, unreadable puzzle-like pieces. At the same time, data integrity and resiliency are completely insured: not any piece of information will be lost.

Based upon the old adage, “There is never enough security.”  Business solutions must continuously evolve to maintain proper data protection.  A business breach is an expensive risk for exposing customer’s information, maintaining day-to-day operation, and meeting operational compliance.  Fragglestorm is specifically designed to help and further protect business data no matter where it is located.

Cybervore, Inc. is preparing Fragglestorm for general release and working with customers, resellers, and managed service providers (MSPs) who specialize in security and cloud services. For further information on Cybervore and Fragglestorm, contact Fred Callis at 732-829-8899.  Cybervore is also seeking additional investment capital to support this accelerated growth.

See more details about Fragglestorm features or benefits on our product page or download our product flyer!

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