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CybervoreQueryWe have remarkable marketing and development teams working hard to create great software products. Our products are aimed at helping you save time and money, increase your productivity, and especially protect your data no matter where it is located.
In these articles, we will present our products, related news, and interesting insights.

Currently, we offer CybervoreQuery™ for the desktop and letter-drive attached storage, a product that solves an everyday problem: locating a document, e-mail, pdf, or any digital content which you know you have, but cannot find. With CybervoreQuery file search software you will enjoy the following benefits:
• It quickly finds up to 400% more content compared to existing desktop search
• Focused search saves time across your PC, and localized storage devices and cloud services
• Easy Outlook add-in for managing all content, a.k.a. your stuff
• It organizes content without opening multiple programs

Visit the CybervoreQuery product page for more details and pricing options



Another product we are working on is called Fragglestorm™, is coming soon!

Fragglestorm is a new cybersecurity software aimed to protect your data.
Visit the Fragglestorm product page 

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